Ambrosia Maple Serving Tray w/ Spalted lines

Ambrosia Maple Serving Tray w/ Spalted lines


A very interesting piece of maple that has some amazing colors throughout the tray. This is listed as an ambrosia maple piece. The ambrosia maple is when the ambrosia beetles bore into the trunk of the tree and stain the wood with a fungi. The discoloration is seen on the tray in the darker areas. The spalted lines are the dark jagged lines on the one end by the handle. Add the color changes and you have a very unique serving tray.

The tray is an unusual shape, 20" long and the width varies form 12" - 17" wide. We have added a pair of soft iron straight pull handles. There is also hard rubber pads on the back side to help with non-slip on any surface.

The serving tray is finished with a food safe, wood preservative oil, called Odie's Oil.

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