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Superb Woodworkers in North Royalton

We are a Father-Son owned and operated company based in North Royalton. We specialize in live end tables but can make traditional tables as well. Any wood you would like to see made into a table, we can do. From Poplar to Redwood, from Oak to Walnut. We specialize in using live end pieces to make unique and attention grabbing pieces that are both functional and will be focal points of any room. Just get in touch with our team today on +14406101862, and we'll get back to you with a nifty quote.

Our Timber Inventory

If you don't have the raw materials for us to use, we can source those for you, no problem. We know the best timber merchants in the area, so no need to worry. Whether you want local timber such as black walnut, oak, ash, maple, cherry or hickory we can get those, in fact we already have some slabs in our workshop. Should you want something a little more special, let's say monkey pod or guanacaste, then we can get that for you too, but there might be an extra cost because it's a luxury product nowadays!

Fractal Burn Items

**This process can be very dangerous, so it you do not have proper equipment, please do not try yourself.**

Our skill and experience with the technique know as fractal burning allows us to create unique and one of a kind pieces. Fractal burning is a process where we use high voltage electricity to make unique designs in our pieces. We use this technique mainly with our tables, wood coasters and serving trays, but we are not limited to just those kind of pieces. We can do it on benches, bar tops and almost any piece that we make. We then add food grade epoxy to some of the pieces to give them a little color splash.

Items For Sale

Because our inventory is constantly changing, if there is any item that you may be interested in purchasing, please contact us by email, phone, or text message and we will get back to you promptly. If we will need to ship anything, there will be shipping cost added to purchase price.


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Areas Covered

North and Central part of the state of Ohio, Cleveland metropolitan area, Akron metropolitan area, Columbus metropolitan area, Toledo metropolitan area.


Dori Ann,

these are the gentlemen that do our custom furniture for us. Their work is unbelievable.

Dori Ann

Absolutely love the table, thank you for your fast response and delivery!! T and T Tables is the best!!

Kathy Fredriks

I bought 1 @ North Royalton Saturday. Love it!


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